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since 2010

Websites (backend/frontend) responsive mobile & tablet


Complete revamp of the website for Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet with monthly maintenance.

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Our customers

Simexa has been collaborating with Geeks for more than 8 years now we've always been happy with the outcomes through the years, and now that's why they are handling all our digital presence.
Manuel Stanislas - 2019
Simexa - Hong Kong
Been collaborating for almost 2 years now, still do, and will continue to. Amazing work, frequent communications, very available for meetings and calls, good management tools. Full rework of one of our client's legacy Drupal main site from bottom to top, better UI, perfect integrations, always good advices on many subjects.
Gregory Durelle - 2017
The Brand Nation - Paris

Over and done with disappointing deliveries

Our.Agile.Methodology Offers you:

  • A greater visibility on the progress of your project.

  • A control on your budget and your timelines.

  • Flexibility to make changes while the work is in progress.

Our.Scrum.Workflow Garanties your satisfaction

  • An increased quality

  • A drastic decrease in bugs

We stay with you as long as you need it


Your project is covered by a bug-free warranty.

We also supply subscriptions for 24/7 support on your application.


We configure and optimise the performance of your application. We ensure your application will always be up and running by forecasting and fixing issues before your users notice them.

We assist your after the delivery of your project.

We update your application as your business grows.

We contribute all year long To the growth of your business and its digital needs

Our processes and tools makes working with our remote team very simple and smooth.

We stay next to you and are always reachable via chat or video-conferencing.

We stay next to you and are always reachable via chat or video-conferencing.

While some go out...
Our Geeks code

We love to explore new technologies, to stay up to date and to propose state of the art solutions to our partners.

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We belong to the eweev group

71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden,
London W2CH 9JQ

Funded in 2010 The.group.offers


Experts in digitization. they help you define your business digital tactics, and can monitor the progress of your digital projects

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Branding experts, they create stories for your brand and articulate it around unique visual concepts.